Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Outfit: Chiffon and Studs

Etoile Isabel Marant Zaggy dress, pink Valentino Rockstud kitten heels and Prada sunglasses
We had a lovely Father's Day dinner in West LA at Tokyo Kalbi, which is one of our favorite Japanese / Korean style bbq places; I like it even more than the traditional Korean bbq we usually have in Koreatown. We had a pretty ideal day today, starting with breakfast on the patio by the pool (blueberry pancakes from scratch, chicken apple sausages, cheesy scrambled eggs, smoothies), a bike ride to the ocean and back, lunch at the Brentwood Country Mart, the requisite walk around the neighborhood with the dog and finally dinner at Tokyo Kalbi. Yes, we eat a lot. I really love these Valentino rockstuds; I think they will go with a lot of my wardrobe, including this new-ish Etoile Isabel Marant Zaggy dress that I bought at the latest Barney's sale. I like this dress a lot too and have been following it all season; it's an easy daytime casual dress that I've already worn a few times.

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