Friday, August 10, 2012

Isabel Marant Betty Sneakers

FW 2012 Isabel Marant Betty Sneakers in Black
Just a quick iphone shot, proper pictures to come! I exchanged my Isabel Marant fringe Sailor boots for the black Betty sneakers today at Barneys. I thought I had missed out on the Bettys this season as most places sold out immediately. I bought the last pair of 37s at the Beverly Hills store which must have been a return since they had none two days ago when I called, although there are a few left on the Barneys website I will get a lot more use out of these sneakers than the fringe boots as I do so much walking these days. They are super comfortable; I barely notice the wedge. As fun as the high top velcro Isabel Marant Bekkett sneakers are, these are more practical, low key, hardier (mostly leather vs. suede) and perhaps more enduring. They are a good complement to the Dicker Boots which I also picked up this season, I don't think I will be wearing any other shoes this fall. It's too bad that we are in the middle of a heatwave in Los Angeles right now; I want to wear my my new sneakers and boots.

edit: I wore these sneakers for a two hour walk today around Playa Vista and I'm happy to report that they really are comfortable! 

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