Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Wine Day

I recently decided that I need to keep better notes on my wine drinking as right now, tis the season for wine mailers. I am only on the mailing list for a few of my favorite wineries (mostly pinots): Kosta Browne, Rivers Marie, Sea Smoke and Carlisle, but those are enough to keep us well stocked and satiated, plus they all consistently make great wines. While I would love to purchase my full allocation, my budget and wine fridge space dictates that I must edit, but it's hard to remember annually exactly which single vineyards are my favorite. So to make sure I was making the right choices on the Rivers Marie mailer, we opened a bottle of 2011 Summa Sonoma Coast to go with the latest Downton Abbey. And I am glad we did because we are going to order a few more bottles for 2012, it is a beautiful wine. Lovely nose that you just want to dive into, with that distinctive cherry Pinot character. The taste is a little more delicate than the bigger Rivers Marie wines, but beautifully delicate, with decent acidity and structure and even just a little pepper at the end. Not the longest finish but still lovely. Way too nice of a bottle for an ordinary weekday but a nice way to indulge.

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