Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hammer Time

Zara numbers t-shirt and studded sandals, Lululemon hot n sweaty crop
Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them...I can't quite decide. They are definitely weird, baggy in some areas, fitted in others, and gathered in random spots. I don't think harem pants ever really caught on in the US, but they were quite big in Europe over the last few seasons. I'm not sure I would have bought these Lululemon harem style pants if I had actually tried them on in the store, but at the time, they were quite heavily marked down (by Lululemon standards) so I figured I would give them a shot, after all, as long as they were in my size, how bad could they be? However, given that they were on markdown, that also meant they were final sale, so here I am stuck with them. From some angles I don't think they look that bad, but then sometimes I think they look ridiculous. Oh well, at least they are super comfortable and lightweight in the sheer luon, and fine for walks around the neighborhood, lounging around the house and working out, which is what they are meant for anyway.
Worn with some of my Zara sale purchases: a linen red "numbers" t-shirt and studded flat sandals. I love the linen t-shirt, it is oversized yet drapes well with some fuzzy texture on the numbers that you can't see in pics, and will go with lots of my wardrobe. I like the look of the studded flats, matches my Balenciaga bag, but they aren't very comfortable right now, hopefully just needs a little breaking in.

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