Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saturday Night Carrot Risotto

I've been slowing easing my way back to cooking, about once or twice a week. It's been at least a few months since I've been cooking regularly, and it's still a bit hard to find the time, but I'm making more of an effort as I still find it relaxing and therapeutic, a way of getting life back to normal. While I can no longer cook things that take 4+ hours to cook, I've been looking for inspiration and new recipes. Saturday night, I decided to give this carrot risotto recipe via S. a shot, primarily because I wanted to use up this bag of carrots that had been sitting in my fridge for a few weeks. It's hard to really get inspired by carrots, and I thought this was a nice way to use a lot of carrots. Only changes were the addition of some peas and omission of thyme. It was pretty good; I think it could have used a little more salt and seasoning along the way and probably would have been even better with fresher carrots in season, but it was a comforting and hearty one pot Saturday night dish that went well with a bottle of our wedding white wine, a 2006 Morgan Metallico Chardonnay.

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