Friday, July 27, 2012

Return to the Farmers Market

I finally made it to a Santa Monica farmer's market after several months of absence. It was nice to simply walk around, enjoy the fresh air and check out all the seasonal produce. Looks like we are in the height of stone fruit season and my favorite, tomato season is beginning. I picked up some peaches for one of my favorite summer salads, a grilled peach, burrata, arugula salad to go with some slow cooked short ribs (Mario Batali's Brasato Al Barolo recipe) over fresh rigatoni from Bay Cities.
My favorite summer salad: grilled peaches, burrata, arugula with a little drizzled balsamic and olive oil. Optional additions: grilled radicchio, speck

Some beautifully marbled short ribs from Whole Foods
Nothing beats fresh made pasta. A worthwhile splurge

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