Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year! Prabal Gurung x Target Online Purchases

Image from I picked up the whole ensemble: the Floral Crush blazer, shorts and tee
Update: full review here, outfit post here and here
After a nice lunar new year eve's dinner at my house, I stayed up what's considered late for us these days last night to catch the online launch of the Prabal Gurung for Target designer collaboration. With little k's unpredictable wakeup schedule and sleep disruptions the last few days (teething? a cold? developmental milestones?), I couldn't drive around to the various LA Targets before opening hours, nor will I be able to stalk the stores for returns as with Missoni and Jason Wu. Fortunately, I was able to get online probably within minutes of the collection being uploaded around 11pm and was able to buy everything that I had my eye on, including the two dresses and wedges that I previously posted about as well as the entire Floral Crush print blazer, t-shirt, shorts combo (not that I would wear it all together) and the First Date print sweatshirt. I got lucky as everything but the tee was sold out in my size by morning, if not within minutes. While I gravitate towards minimalism, neutrals, cozy knits, and monochrome for winter, I really embrace more feminine looks, cheery prints and patterns, especially florals, for spring. Just makes me happy, especially as the weather has been so cold (relatively) for the last few days. The prints in this collection are more unique and identifiably Prabal Gurung, I had no interest in the solid color items which really could have been from any designer. I love how everything looks in the lookbook, but not sure how it will look in real life. I anticipate returning some items due to fit and fabric, particularly the all synthetic items as I didn't have a chance to check out fabric content before buying, plus it's just a lot from one collection, but at least I can try everything on within the comfort of my own home and cull later. Stay tuned for actual pics and reviews...
First Date print sweatshirt and black and white wedges. Image from

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