Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rahel Review: Hearty Vegan Ethiopian on Fairfax

I've been a big fan of Ethiopian food ever since I was introduced to it during my college days in Philly at Dhalak, and have been meaning to try Rahel in the Little Ethiopian district on Fairfax for many years.
Like Mayura, we just never made the trek to Fairfax, until I bought the Groupon. Also like Mayura, now that we've gone, we'll definitely be back, even without a Groupon. I really like the unusual spices of Ethiopian food, including the berbere spices, the flavorful homey stews, and the spongy, slightly sour bread (injera) used to scoop up and sop up all the deliciousness. At Rahel, we ordered the Hudade Special Combo for 2 and the Vegan Feast for 2, a variety of vegetable and legumes that came shared on one big plate. My favorites were the cabbage stew, split lentils in red pepper sauce, and greens, although everything was delicious. I would order the combos again, for the variety. Even though it was entirely vegan, we didn't miss the meat at all, as the food was hearty and satisfying and we left stuffed. We had quite a meat-centric weekend, between Nanbankan and the corned beef feast, so vegan was a refreshing respite. The decor was sparse, service was a little slow, and it was really hard to find parking, but it was worth it.  At $60 for four people, it was a good value, plus you can byob with no corkage; we brought a Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc Viognier that's our everyday white wine we've found always goes well with heavily seasoned ethnic cuisines.
Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant
1047 Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 937-8401

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