Monday, July 4, 2011

A Decadent Take on Egg in a Hole

We have quite a lot of leftovers from yesterday's party including two loaves of white bread with holes in the center that we cut out for tea sandwiches. I decided to make eggs in a hole based on a recipe I saw a few weeks ago on the lovely  "Oh Joy" blog. To make it extra special, we topped it with some sliced smoked salmon and caviar, as well as guacamole, all leftover from the party. It's so nice to have decadent leftovers such as this; definitely can't let it go to waste!

To make egg in a hole, heat up some butter over medium heat in a non-stick skillet and then place 4 pieces of toast onto the pan with the holes cut out (we used a 2 inch round cookie cutter yesterday). Flip over when toasty and slightly brown.

Place a little sliver of butter into the holes and then crack an egg into the middle of the hole. After a minute or two, flip over the toast. The egg and toast should be one at this point and flip over easily. If not, leave it on the side.

I like my eggs a little runny, so I only left it on the second side for about a minute. Remove from pan and season with a little salt and pepper and top with whatever you want (like smoked salmon and a heaping spoonful of caviar). I'm sure it's good plain as well. I love this dish! Simple and fun with lots off runny egg yolk and toasty bread to sop it all up.
We also finished with a couple of leftover cucumber sandwiches from the party. Thought it was only fitting to come full circle (how clever am I this morning...) and have the hole as well!

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