Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lululemon Turbo Tank Review

Turbo Tank in Surge, worn with black wee stripe luon light wunder unders
What Lululemon hiatus? I stopped by my nearby store to check out the brand new Lululemon Turbo Tank the other day. I liked the look of the tank as it has a more interesting back than my usual cool racerbacks and was made of a different material than most of my workout tops. Excuse the hangtag, I'm a bit undecided on this tank, which is why the tag is still on. It is made out of luxtreme so is a bit thick and stiff particularly in the midsection. I prefer the softer luon or silkier circle mesh; I just feel like it drapes better. The midsection is also a bit loose and shapeless; I generally don't like my tanks too tight fitting, but even this is a little too loose for me. I hate sizing down, and plus there is no smaller size anyway. On the plus side, it's very supportive and pretty comfortable; I like the thicker straps which dig a little less both on the shoulders and in the back, as compared to the No Limit Tank which sometimes leaves marks on me. It is tightly fitted on the shoulders / upper back, which is a little bothersome as it is noticeable to me as I wear it. I like the bright heathered surge color; the dewberry color is too close to my potion purple and my static very violet tanks and the coal just looked like a regular athletic tank without the pop of color that I usually like. I like the long length as well. I like the tank but I don't love the tank like the No Limit Tanks, so it might be going back to the store.

Update 7/31/11: I returned the tank today after a free morning yoga class at Lululemon. I just don't love it enough so I probably won't wear it as often, which is just a waste.
The front isn't that exciting, looks a little bit like a cool racerback

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