Thursday, December 15, 2011

D'Ange Bakery - Taiwanese Bakery in the SGV

In Taipei, there are cute bakeries on every corner filled with sweet and savory goodies, baked that day. I love freshly baked savory baked goods for breakfast (hot dog? cheese? corn? scallions? Preferably all together!), but I've never been able to find a decent bakery that could replicate the treats that I could get in Taiwan. The best breads are super light and fluffy and slightly sweet, without being too oily and dense with the savory toppings. I was very excited to discover the recently opened D'ange bakery in the San Gabriel Valley. I haven't tried their full range of offerings, but so far I love the hot dog cheese bread (pictured below) and had a delicious cranberry raisin scone this evening. I'm excited to try more of their goods soon!
Substantial and crumbly without being dry or dense with hints of citrus, vanilla. Really good and not too sweet.
 D'ange Sandwich Bakery
800 West Las Tunas
San Gabriel, CA

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  1. This place definitely crushes 85 celsius bakery in all respects!



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