Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pura Luhur Uluwatu: Kecak Fire Dance at Sunset

On our second night in Jimbaran, our driver Pande, whom I met on my previous trip, drove us down to Pura Uluwatu to check out the temple views and watch the daily Kecak fire dance at sunset. The temple is situated high on the cliffs in the very southwest corner of Bali. We weren't actually allowed in the temples, but there were plenty of beautiful views around the temple. The monkeys at Pura Uluwatu are evil; we actually watched them snatch waterbottles out of people's backpacks and flip flops right off of people's feet. The bottled water they would actually drink, but they would just hold the flip flops hostage until the victim traded them some bananas. I'm convinced that the monkeys are trained by the people selling bananas. I really like the Kecak Fire Dance. We saw a couple of dances on our first trip including the Legong and Barong, but I think the Kecak is my favorite, lots of action and fun. The "music" is entirely provided by an all male chorus, who is sometimes involved in the action as well. Definitely worth checking out (iPhone video below).
Don't let their innocent faces fool you
Only bottled water for the monkeys. They were pros, easily twisting off the tops and chugging the water
Don't sit too close to the stage!

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