Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tainan and Kaohsiung Sights

We spent most of our time in Tainan eating, but we did stop by a few historical sites such as the Confucius Temple and various Koxinga landmarks, mostly for some exercise between bites. Aside from its famous small eats, Tainan is an important historical center of Taiwan, as the former capital of Taiwan, where the Dutch had established their capital and main trading base, before Koxinga drove them out of Taiwan. After Tainan, we spent the night in Kaohsiung, the 2nd largest city in Taiwan. Kaohsiung, at least the part I saw, is very new, shiny and pretty, almost like Japan, but seemed to lack some of the character and intimacy of the other cities in Taiwan I'm more familiar with, such as Taipei.
One of Koxinga's temples
Confucius Temple
Temple outside of Fort Zeelandia
Goddess of the Sea by the Tainan Harbor
Sunset by a Tainan harbor
"Love" River in Kaohsiung

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