Saturday, December 10, 2011

Taipei Parks

After our tour around Taiwan, we returned to Taipei for a few days. We did another day trip to Taichung and otherwise spent our time walking around the city and enjoying some of the green parks. Politics aside, I always enjoy spending time at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, which is near my grandparents place. We also visited the new Hakka Cultural Center and park. It's nice to have some green respite from the polluted city.
Falun demonstration
I liked these random bubbly sculptures
Hakka park


  1. Taipei is not polluted! It just has some very old buildings thats all! In fact, Taipei is one of the greenest cities in Asia!

  2. I haven't had allergies in months, but I had the worst allergies in Taipei and Taichung. I was particularly sensitive to all the motorbike exhaust. In Taichung the smog was particularly noticeable, the sky was this yellowish brown color the entire time. Asia in general is bad for pollution, China was terrible when I was there last year. Even in Bali in areas of Ubud with lots of motorbikes, I had lots of allergies.



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