Saturday, December 10, 2011

Taipei Shopping

Flagship Uniqlo. They've grown from 1 to 6 Uniqlos since my visit last year!
I finally had a chance to do some shopping on my last night in Taipei. We hit up my two favorite boutique streets, Dunhua Alley 161 and Alley 187, near the Dunhua & Zhongxiao MRT stop. I bought 3 dresses and a vest, and then we stopped at the flagship Uniqlo in the Minyao Department store where we picked up some more basics. We also stopped by the weekend Jade Market at Renai Lu and Jianguo Lu, where I bought a little jade dragon necklace. I love Taipei shopping! Taipei at night is the best, its bustling with people and energy, the temps are cooler and even the pollution seems to lighten up.
Milkshake break. You never go hungry or thirsty in Taiwan

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