Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marni at H&M Has Arrived: Review of Marni at H&M

Marni at H&M purchases! White flower necklace, appliqued t-shirt, women's sunglasses, white chunky bracelets
Thanks to the wonderful JK, my purchases from the Marni at H&M launch arrived in the mail today. I got the embroidered t shirt, the women's navy sunglasses, the pair of white chunky bracelets and the white flower necklace. I'm really happy with everything; the t shirt is soft and the colors are bright and happy. The size S is loose fitting but comfortable for me right now, though a little bit on the short side. I really like the white bracelets, they have a nice heft and shine to them and the black trim gives it nice contrast. They are bigger than I imagined, so I don't think I would wear them together on one wrist. The white flower necklace is cute, but needs a little adjusting; I find that the flowers look better pushed closer together. I worry a bit about the flower petals breaking off and the necklace is quite heavy and makes a bit of noise when worn with the flowers clinking together. The black fabric is a little thin and gets twisted around easily, but I can live with it. The sunglasses don't quite fit me right as they are slight wraparounds and I have no bridge (Asian issue), so they rest on my cheeks a bit. They are a bit lightweight and I find the vision to be slightly warped with the wraparound style, but they are fun and I don't have anything similar and I love hoarding sunglasses. I love the packaging of everything with the transparent green sliding boxes. H&M collaborations always have the best packaging. All in all, super excited about my purchases. Marni is so whimsical, and these are great everyday pieces to just add a little pop of fun to normal outfits. I'll try to post pictures with the items on soon...

Update 3/14/12: I was in the area and stopped by the Beverly Center and Sunset H&Ms to check out the Marni collection for the first time in person. I have to say, I'm not disappointed that I didn't get any of the clothes. There were plenty of returns; I tried on the two sided long sleeve poplin dress which did not fit me well: too long and rather shapeless. The fabric was really stiff. All the fabric was a little bit off; the brocade was really scratchy, the silk was a little too thin, flimsy and wrinkly, patent leather too stiff, and the cotton poplin was too stiff and rather rough feeling. I also saw the necklace with the orange plastic petal leaves, but also passed on it, as I didn't think it was worth it for $49.99. The only piece I liked was the black patent jacket, but I really don't need it at $199 as I have too many jackets / coats for Los Angeles anyway. I also saw some tshirts, the silver rope sandals, a pair of sunglasses, plenty of the patent leather pieces, pink shorts, and patterned long sleeve tops and dresses. There was a ton of men's stuff at both stores.
The Marni at H&M white flower necklace, one of the most popular pieces from the collection. It's been going for 3x + on ebay sadly.
The bracelets are more of an off-white, rather than a bright white like the flower necklace

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