Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marni for H&M Purchases (Without Even Leaving the House)

Sunglasses and one of the two chunky white bracelets. Featuring Liu Wen, one of my favorite models. Image from
Update: purchases here. My wonderful friend JK made it to the H&M store in San Francisco at a chilly and dark 5:45am (about person #100 in line) and managed to pick up the Marni x H&M pieces for me that I was most coveting, which were primarily the accessories, all of which were featured in my initial post on the collaboration. She snagged the white flower necklace, a pair of white chunky bracelets, the sunglasses, and the cute embroidered flower bunny tshirt (bonus on the tshirt: 25% of proceeds go to the Red Cross disaster relief in Japan) for me and some items for herself. I won't repeat the lookbook images since I already posted them before but here are some dreamy LA-ish campaign stills of all the purchases except for the tshirt. She was part of the 10am slot and reported that the launch proceeded quite orderly and smoothly at the store (a contrast to my frenzied Lanvin x H&M experience). The first items to go were the maxi dresses and sleeveless dresses, as well as some of the short sleeved coats. I gotta say, these H&M collaborations are the best; I think they are really well done from the marketing / ad campaigns, to the design and details. I've managed to get pieces from every designer collaboration since Lanvin (will probably always be my absolute favorite), including Versace (despite being out of the country for the launch) and Swedish Hasbeens. Swedish Hasbeens was probably the least hyped and insane, but I pretty much exclusively wore my wooden clogs all summer last summer and plan to again this summer. I probably would have gone to the Marni launch if they had released it in Century City like with Lanvin and Versace, but my closest store was Beverly Center, which is definitely a hassle for me. So excited, thanks JK!!! Stay updated for more pics...
White flower necklace plus the other of the two white chunky bracelets. Image from

A sneak peek at what's to come...

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