Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let It Snow: Blockheads Shavery Review

Lest you think that all I am obsessed about is fashion, I wanted to share my other obsession of the week: I can't stop thinking about this shaved ice dessert that I had on Thursday at Blockheads on Sawtelle. Forget Pinkberry / Yogurtland, Sweet Rose Creamery, cupcakes, this is the dessert I'm craving now. It's a creamy version of shaved ice, not like the icy crystaly versions that I normally have on Yongkang Street in Taiwan and the San Gabriel Valley / Arcadia. It has this amazingly smooth and creamy texture that melts in your mouth without being watery. It's made with milk and sugar so definitely not as healthy as regular shaved ice, and also comes in flavors including strawberry and black sesame. We shared the green tea small version (3.50) topped with red bean and grass jelly (50c each) and mango purée (free). The quality of the toppings are really good, tastier and fresher than yogurtland or pink berry. The perfect dessert for two after a rich porky bowl of ramen at Tsujita around the corner in the same complex. I can't stop thinking about it, will have to convince K to take me today which shouldn't be too hard since its already in the 80's in Santa Monica.


  1. FYI, shaved snow was also invented by the Taiwanese. Class 302 (In RowHts) was one of the first restaurants on the West Coast to start the shaved snow thang. And now most of the other shaved iced joints in the (626) also serve this. Blockheads admit to being inspired by the Taiwanese shaved snow.

  2. Thanks! I will have to try some of the SGV places; the only Taiwanese places in the SGV that I've really tried shaved ice are Pa Pa Walk and Sin Ba Le (or was it next door in the same plaza). Do you like Blockheads? How does it compare with the east side places? I'm just happy to have something close by!



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