Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paris Fashion Week FW 2012 Part I: The Everyday Masters - Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, Celine and More

Isabel Marant. Just a lot of great, wearable, everyday separates. All images from nymag.com
Finally, Paris Fashion Week post... Paris Fashion Week actually concluded a week ago, but I usually find that by the time Fashion Month concludes, I'm a little fashioned-out. Good thing Paris is always the grand finale though; so many amazing designers, extravagant shows and set design and gorgeous clothes. It's definitely my favorite week, followed by New York. I realized that I had saved so many pictures that I have to divide into two posts, the first being the more casual everyday designers, to be followed by the fantasy designers (including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Lanvin and more). As for a few themes, Western (Isabel Marant, Hermes), leather (Celine, Isabel Marant). Overall, lots of chic, wearable clothes. All images from nymag.com
Isabel Marant. She just has a way of designing clothes that aren't particularly "trend" driven that look effortlessly cool.
Isabel Marant. I love the flirty ruffled dresses and cropped suede laced pants. Silhouettes she's done in the past, but I love them anyway
Isabel Marant. Easy to wear dresses
Celine. I really like what Phoebe Philo has done with Celine this season. A bit minimalist, but cool clean lines, especially with the use of leather
Stella McCartney. Perenially one of my favorite designers. I like the use of color and use of patterns and short skirts this season
Stella McCartney
Haider Ackermann. I first took notice of him last season and I just love the way he drapes and tailors.
Hermes. Also very Western

Pretty Christian Dior
Balmain. His astronomical prices are definitely in "fantasy designer" league, but the clothes have a casual coolness to them

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