Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Saturday Night Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant Jacket, Etoile Isabel Marant tunic dress, Uniqlo tights, Lanvin x H&M necklace, Opening Ceremony boots
In order to maximize my cost-to-wear ratio, I try to wear new purchases as soon as possible. I went to a dance concert at my old high school Saturday night, so I wore my new Etoile Isabel Marant Zakina Tunic that I bought the previous day from the sample sale, paired with a charcoal Isabel Marant jacket that I got from the summer's sample sale. I bought the tunic in a size up from my regular size so it definitely drapes a little looser on me than on the mannequin, but I think that's what makes it more wearable as a dress and not just a top. Though I didn't have much choice either; that's the issue with sample sales, it's often hard to find the exact size. Everything I got happened to be a size bigger than my normal size, but I think it's ok given the shapes, plus I can wear it right away at 6 mos pregnant. An easy outfit without a lot of effort; that's why I like Isabel Marant so much!
Super comfortable; I like the sweatshirt like details on the cuffs and neck, livened up with a little pattern and color

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