Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jason Wu for Target: Launching Tomorrow

Image from Target
Image from Target
Jason Wu's collection for Target launches online and in stores tomorrow. My two favorite looks from the collaboration are featured in the ad campaign above. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to the stores tomorrow; the dresses are cute but not exactly my style, just a little too prim and ladylike for me. I can't really wear any of the silhouettes right now, nor do I have many occasions to wear these kinds of clothes. My criteria for buying these collaborations should be: do I own any of the mainline collection? If I don't own any Jason Wu and I don't usually give Jason Wu a second look while in Neiman Marcus, which is both the case, I probably don't need to buy anything. On the case, I have a few Lanvin dresses and even a Versace dress, so it makes more sense that I'm interested in the collaboration. I don't own any Missoni, but my mom does and it's a brand that I've been interested in, in the past, particularly their bathing suits and their home line.  I'll probably wait til the Jason Wu collection goes on markdown to get anything as most of Target's collaborations do make it to markdown eventually. That being said, I wasn't planning on getting anything from Missoni x Target, but I ended up buying way too much. I do regret some of the purchases though, as a lot of the things I bought did end up being restocked and going on markdown. Same with Calypso for Target, so I think I learned my lesson not to buy anything full price from Target. A couple of other potentially cute items (images from Nitrolicious):

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