Friday, April 23, 2010

D.I.Y. Sushi

Last night, with all the fresh fish and ingredients that we picked up at Marukai, we had a little sashimi and handroll feast.
Three dishes that I made, from upper left clockwise:
cubed scallop sashimi with ikura (salmon roe), scallions and spicy mayo (kewpie mayo and layu chili oil); Ika (squid) noodles with ikura and uni (sea urchin) with wasabi and soy; cubed salmon sashimi with scallions and spicy mayo

The fish for the handrolls, from upper left, clockwise:
Unagi (toasted in the toaster oven), hamachi (yellowtail) and salmon sashimi, uni and ikura

The veggies for the handrolls, from top , left to right:
Cucumbers, yamaimo (mountain yam), gobo (pickled burdock root), kampyo (dried gourd, rehydrated with soy), takuan (picked daikon radish), avocado, egg omelette, shiso (Japanese mint) and daikon sprouts
The condiments for the handrolls, from top , clockwise:
La yu (chili oil), wasabi, soy sauce, black roasted sesame seeds, rice vinegar (for the sushi rice), wasabi mayo, kewpie mayo, yuzu paste and nori (roasted seaweed)
Last, but not least, a 1.8L bottle of Kurosawa
We had a great meal; all the fish was super fresh and tasty with the exception of the hamachi which was only ok. The Kurosawa was nice as usual; only $36 for the 1.8L bottle. It is very drinkable: crisp, dry with just enough fragrance and complexity, to pair perfectly with the meal. In total, the ingredients came out to about $120, but we did buy a ton of condiments which we will use for next time. In any case, definitely cheaper than a sushi dinner for 4 out at a sushi bar.

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