Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Swarm of Bees

*not actual picture. picture from wikipedia
The eeriest thing happened this afternoon as I was having a doggie playdate at a friend's house in Venice; it first started with an intense buzzing that my friend first noticed, and quickly, a huge swarm of bees came over from the neighbor's yard into her yard. We grabbed the dogs quickly and ran inside. The swarm hovered for a couple of minutes, landing on various things like her paper lanterns, and just generally buzzed around. Slowly, they moved on, to her other neighbors house. It was so eerie, and quite scary (particularly as I am allergic to bees). We waited awhile before heading back outside. There was still one bee buzzing around the rosemary bush; it seemed to have been left behind by the swarm. I almost felt sorry for it.  I was proud of Otis though! He did pretty well on his doggie playdate; he didn't really bark at all.  Unfortunately he was mostly preoccupied with eating the other dog's bones and playing with their toys, as opposed to playing with the other dogs.  I think he likes other dogs, but he hasn't had that much exposure to them since his brother, Floyd, is a total nutcase when it comes to other dogs.  Floyd stayed home on this date.

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