Monday, April 12, 2010

Why EAT?

Why EAT? Well, lots of reasons. Some people call me as "EAT"; it happens to represent my name. Convenient, because I also happen to love to eat! I've always enjoyed food; I grew up in a family of adventurous eaters, albeit with a leaning towards Asian food. After moving away from Los Angeles to the East Coast for over a decade, I broadened my culinary horizons to all sorts of different cuisines, enhanced by a love of travel, particularly to Europe. I was fortunate to have spent over six amazing years living in Manhattan, which in my opinion has the most exciting and diverse restaurant scene of any city I've visited. My love of eating has inspired my recent interest in cooking; I love the challenge of recreating my favorite restaurant dishes at home, particularly now that I live in LA and do not have the opportunity to visit my favorite NYC restaurants often. I've spent a lot of time the last year watching the Food Network, reading cooking websites like thekitchn and epicurious on a daily basis, and studying various cookbooks. I love trying out new recipes; I get inspiration for my cooking everywhere, from eating out at local restaurants, to traveling abroad. I am by no means an accomplished cook yet, but the important thing is that I enjoy it, and I am improving every day. My love for cooking goes well with my enjoyment of wine and good company; not a whole lot makes me happier than inviting friends and family over to our house, cooking a nice meal (and trying out some new recipes), and opening a couple bottles of good wine.

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