Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yogis Anonymous - New Favorite Teacher

So after a year of trying lots of teachers and studios on the Westside, South Bay and West Hollywood, I finally found another teacher and class that I really like: Brock Cahill's Intro to Flight Club class at Yogis Anonymous in Santa Monica, just off of the 3rd Street Promenade.  J. and I have tried several of his classes and they've all been really great.  There are several thing that I really like about his class: 1) it's really challenging, so that there's plenty of poses that I can't currently do, but it's great to have a bunch of things to work on so that you feel like you are continually progressing.  However, it's not too challenging such that I sit around all class with nothing to do if everything is too hard. 2) He changes it up every class; each class that we've been to has been really different.  There's nothing more boring than the same series of poses for every class. If I wanted that, I could just do that at home! 3) He has really good energy.  I think that's super important for a yoga teacher, to have good, positive, fun and encouraging energy that really pushes you to go deeper and longer, even when you feel like you are about to collapse.  I've had so many teachers that make me want to go to sleep, or have jarring, uncomfortable energy.  4) He actually corrects you and helps you out with poses.  It's surprising how many teachers don't ever do adjustments and corrections.  I've improved some very basic poses thanks to that.  It's good to have a teacher that actually pays attention to the students; I feel like I'm actually improving a lot. 5) He plays awesome, upbeat music, pretty much throughout the whole class.  I really like music in my yoga practice; it really inspires me to keep on going and pushing hard, even if I'm getting tired.  My mind sometimes starts to wander in silence.  That's why I really like YogaHop, and in particular, Kourtney's class at YogaHop.  I have an existing series at YogaHop that I've had for awhile but haven't used much of, since I've been trying all sorts of new studios and exercise regimes.  I think I will eventually purchase a series at Yogis Anonymous (they were previously donation only) to continue to be able to take Brock's class; it'll be the first series I purchase at any of these new studios that we've been trying.

Yogis Anonymous
1221 Second Street
Santa Monica, CA  90401

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