Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's Launch Review

Those are actually live models standing on platforms
N. and I went to the launch of the Karl Lagerfeld Collection for Macys at the Beverly Center hosted by the Fug Girls. The collection launches at Macys tomorrow, August 31st. We both tried on pretty much all of the collection that was available, but unfortunately nothing worked out for me. Some of the fits and cuts were really odd and the colors, particularly the pinks, just were not flattering on me. The fake leather did not look good, some of the embellishments like buttons and rhinestones looked cheap, and a lot of the pieces just didn't have the finishing details that you would want. Overall, the fit was just a little too big particularly around the top, even in the 0 / XS; I would say the collection definitely runs large. They didn't have the pieces that I was more excited about from the lookbook, namely the tweed jacket and coat. Update: I tried on the tweed coat in an XS today and it was awful: huge poofy sleeves, very loose, a little too shiny and way too many knick knacks. The tweed pieces of the collection that were available looked the most high end. Out of everything I tried on, my favorite was probably the floral dress that was in the August Vogue article with the girl from True Blood. The floral dress seemed to the best seller as they were out of most of the sizes, including my size, go figure. I'm definitely glad I went, it was a fun event with champagne, hors d'oeuvres and a DJ and it was fun to try on all the clothes. I don't think I'll be getting anything from this collection, although I did fall in love with an Etoile Isabel Marant Lexy Jacket at Traffic next door, that I'm trying to forget about. Sorry for the terrible iphone photos; I wasn't sure if cameras would be allowed at the event.
My favorite dress; relatively flattering style, decent fabric, nice print. It's a size 4, which was way too big, I'm holding it closed in the back. I might have gotten this dress if it were in my size, though I don't think it's particularly special. Especially at $109 for a polyester dress.
Color of this dress really is not flattering on me. OK fit though a little loose on top, might look good in the black version, which they didn't have
High waisted tweed shorts. I like the concept but did not like how they belled at the bottom. Not flattering on anyone

Tweed vest. Not a bad fit (stretchy ribbed cotton on the back), just not sure where I'd wear this
Tweed dress. Would have looked better if it didn't have the racerback style on the front of the dress with the cut away shoulders. Not flattering for me.
Looks good in the ad, but very ill fitting in person

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