Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blue Bottle Coffee - A San Francisco Treat

Not only have we've been enthralled by our new Moka Express pot, making espresso out of pretty anything we can, but also we received the surprise treat of a bag of freshly roasted Bella Donovan beans from the Bay Area's famous Blue Bottle Coffee Co in the mail yesterday. I've certainly heard of Blue Bottle before and saw it at the Ferry Building during one of my last visits, but I never actually tried it, so I eagerly busted the bag open for some morning espresso. Freshly roasted beans definitely make a huge difference; you could smell the beans even in the unopened mail envelope. The espresso was rich, deep and very strong (sorry I'm not a coffee connoisseur so I don't have the right vocabulary or palate to give proper credit to the coffee), my head is still buzzing from the espresso hours later. Thanks M&M! Looking forward to seeing you guys this week and drinking some wonderful espresso (and wine).
freshly roasted

crazy how one little cup can pack such a punch


  1. I love blue bottle coffee! I have it with Gio every time I'm up in PA. It's great, you're lucky to have gotten such a nice gift!!

  2. We still have some so come on by! We can make affogato, I bought some real gelato.

  3. Yeah, MAJ and I didn't drink it all. :)



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