Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stuff I Eat Review: Organic Vegan in Inglewood

Stuff I Eat ("SIE"), a casual friendly vegan place on Market Street in Inglewood, is a better example of how vegan food should be, as compared to True Food Kitchen. The food is inventive, interesting with lots of flavors, spices and textures, generous amounts and variety of vegetables and proteins, and satisfying to eat. The location is a little random: the street seems like a formerly vibrant main street with shops and theaters, but most are boarded up and empty; not exactly a place where you would expect find good organic, but not cheap, vegan food (just a little bit less expensive than Real Food Daily). The staff is super nice and the place has a warm homey arthouse coffee shop vibe to it with interesting art and really cool chairs.
 We ordered the UnTuna with Chips, Organic Soul Food Platter, and the Kilimanjaro Quesadilla:
UnTuna with Chips ($6), made with finely grated carrots, SIE special sauce, a sort of creamy cheesy tangy sauce, avocado and tomatoes
Organic Soul Food Platter ($15) with yams, mac n cheese, bbq tofu, potato salad and coleslaw
Organic Soul Food Platter sides of black eyed peas soup, kale and mini cornbread muffins
Kilimanjaro Quesadilla ($15) with SIE sauce, organic wild and black rice, tofu, black beans, mock chicken salad, un-tuna carrot salad, portobello mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, corn and guacamole.
My mom and brother weren't huge fans of the food, but I liked everything. My favorite was the Kilimanjaro Quesadilla; I really liked the combination of all the various flavors, vegetables and proteins, made for a big tasty bite. I liked the flavors of the Soul Food Platter; I liked to get a bit of everything on one spoon at eat it all together. I haven't had great vegan mac n cheese anywhere yet and unfortunately this wasn't the exception; the noodles were a little mushy and the cheese sauce had the right consistency but needed a little more tang and flavor. The UnTuna with chips was a nice starter, although I started getting a little tired of the carrots after awhile as I'm not the biggest shredded carrot fan; brings back memories of preschool. All in all, a good meal; we ordered way too much for 3 people and brought back plenty of leftovers. It's a little out of the way for me, but I hope to visit again if I'm in the area.

Stuff I Eat
114 N. Market Street
Inglewood, CA
(310) 671-0115

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