Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trieu Chau Review: Vietnamese Noodle Breakfast in Little Saigon

The usual long line outside. Take a number.
On our way home from San Diego after beer fest, we stopped in Little Saigon in Santa Ana at Trieu Chau for a big bowl of Vietnamese noodles for breakfast. My idea of an ideal breakfast since noodles are probably my favorite food and I could eat them morning day and night. It was my first time at Trieu Chau; we were luckily able to find a parking spot quickly but still had to wait about 30 minutes. I had the house special noodles with the thick noodles and K. had the duck and wonton noodles (also with thick noodles, though we actually ordered the thin. It was a little hard to communicate with our waiter). The house special noodles were filled with all sorts of goodies like chicken, duck, fish balls, liver, shrimp. The soup is really good, deep and flavorful perked up with some hints of fried garlic / shallots. It's a little more complex than the duck noodle soup. Service was short, the place was packed and a little dingy, but we got out of there for less than $20 including 2 drinks and tip. Crowd was a mix of Asian and Mexican, K. was the only person who was neither. My only complaint is that I detected some MSG afterward; I had that unquenchable thirst and slight headache on the car ride home. I think I would still go back though if I was in the area...
House special noodle soup
Duck and wonton noodle soup
Trieu Chau
4401 W. 1st Street
Santa Ana, CA

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