Thursday, August 25, 2011

Late August Farmer's Market Report: Time for Tomatoes

I love this time of year at the farmer's market, all the produce is so vibrant and colorful and stands appear to be overflowing with beautiful produce. Yesterday's Wednesday farmer's market in Santa Monica was the perfect reflection of all that is good out there. We finally bought our first heirloom tomatoes and I'm happy to say that they were well worth the wait. I also bought a lot of beautiful early girl and heirloom tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, summer squash (season starting to wane) along with some fresh herbs, salad greens and avocados. Peppers and tomatoes really are overflowing right now. Corn has been really sweet the last few weeks, melons are really starting to get big and grapes are starting to really come into season as well, although I've been having a hard time finding organic grapes at the stands. I've been buying my organic grapes from the Co-op the last few weeks; they've been really good and relatively reasonable at $2.99 / lb. Cooking is fun this time of year; it's all about letting the ingredients shine. I love cooking on Wednesdays with the produce just picked up in the morning from the farmer's market. These ingredients have never even seen a refrigerator, at least not mine, and I like to think that they came straight from the farm to the market to my plate. I made two excellent vegetarian / vegan pizzas last night with a lot of the produce that I bought in the morning (post to come later).
The heirloom tomatoes at Tutti Frutti are excellent
This stand always has the most beautiful varieties of pepper, eggplants and summer squash (same stand as first photo)
The various melons smell so intoxicatingly sweet as you walk by the stand
You can always tell the serious shoppers (ie the chefs) from the rest of us amateurs by their dollies loaded with crates

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