Monday, October 18, 2010

Bellacures Vs. Bonjour

After a pumped up YogaHop class with Kourtney, S. and I went across the street to Bellacures to get our nails done.  Bellacures opened on Montana Avenue a few months ago and has two other locations: Brentwood and Beverly Hills.  Normally, I just go to Bonjour Nails, also on Montana, which is super no frills but very cheap: $25 for a mani / pedi or separately, $15 for a pedi, $12 for a mani.  Since S. was getting married after all, I decided to splurge and keep her company at Bellacures.  It's definitely a really nice place; the chairs are very comfortable, the technicians were meticulous and everything seems very very clean, which is the most important thing in a nail salon.  It's almost twice as expensive, at $25 for a pedicure and $12 for a manicure.  Prices actually aren't bad compared to the old NYC prices I was used to paying.  Hard for me to judge right now; we'll see how long my nails last, but I'm torn, it may be worth it since the place really is so extremely clean and nice.

Update: almost a month later, pedicure still looks almost perfect. I may be a convert to Bellacures.

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