Friday, October 1, 2010

Late September Farmer's Markets

We've been on a really good farmer's market streak over the summer; I don't think I've missed a weekly farmer's market run for at least the past month, maybe longer.  In some cases, like last week, I've even gone twice to two different markets! I think there's something about the summer and warm weather that inspires the desire to eat lots of fresh produce and fruit.  I've also been entertaining a lot and want the best for my guests too!

On Wednesday, I saw the beginnings of fall produce; a couple of stands with pomegranates, apples, and butternut squash / acorn squash.  We bought mixed salad greens, spinach, string beans, pomegranates (not very good, should still wait a couple of weeks), grapes, avocados, okra and bitter melon.
Nothing more fall-like than squashes
I like how they called the apples ugly but tasty
I think apples may be better on the east coast
Not sure exactly what dragon fruit is, but it's pretty

I'm a big fan of okra, sauteed simply with some soy paste
Grapes still looking good and getting cheaper; $2.50 /lb for organic isn't bad

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