Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gjelina: Fresh and Tasty

On Thursday, Sam and I went to check out Gjelina for lunch.  It was my first time sitting out in the patio, which was really pleasant, particularly for lunch.  The lunch menu is pretty much the same as the dinner menu that I had last time, with some seasonal additions; I think they have a brunch menu but it's only served on weekends.
Grilled peaches with proscuitto, burrata, arugula, radicchio and balsamic
Dungeness Crab with avocado, beets, endive, lemon and creamy horseradish
Mushroom pizza with goat cheese and truffle oil
Butterscotch pot de creme with salted caramel and creme fraiche
I absolutely loved the grilled peaches with proscuitto and burrata; the sweet slightly smoky peach with the salty proscuitto, and of course I love anything with cool creamy burrata.  Too bad peach season is basically over; I would for sure make this at home.  I will have to remember this for next summer.  I liked the dungeness crab salad; it was nice and refreshing and the beets and avocado livened the dish up a bit.  The mushroom pizza was fine, but not a particular standout.  I found the crust to be a little too papery thin with none of the crunch and chew that I like out of my crusts.  The butterscotch pot de creme was pretty awesome as well.  Very smooth, creamy and indulgent, and I am a big fan of the salty contrast of the sea salt and caramel with the rich and sweet butterscotch.  Gjelina is definitely not cheap for lunch, but it was a really nice meal. I enjoyed it for lunch too; it feels less frenzied than at dinner.  We didn't have to wait for a table when we arrived, although the restaurant was pretty packed by the time we left.  My only complaint would be that the kitchen towels that serve as napkins leave white fuzzballs on everything; it's telling that they keep a lint brush at the maitre'd stand, perhaps they should just change their napkins instead.   Afterwards, we strolled around Abbott Kinney and checked out several of the eclectic shops that I'd never been in before.

1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA  90291

(310) 450-1429
(310) 450-1429 begin_of_the_skype_h


  1. Nice photos! I'm impressed:)
    Agree completely with your assessment of lunch too!

  2. We'll definitely have to do more exploring together, it was fun!



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