Friday, October 1, 2010

Yabu: Cold Soba for the Scorching Heat

My favorite food in the world for hot days like these is cold noodles.  For our local noodle fix, we go to Yabu in West LA on Pico.  They are known particularly for their homemade soba, but have a variety of small dishes which are always delicious.  We usually order the goma ai (spinach with sesame), homemade cold tofu, shrimp shumai, gingko nuts, beef tataki, and my mom and I usually order soba, while K. orders udon and dad orders yakitori.  Something for everyone.  My favorite cold soba is the yamakake soba; so refreshing and I enjoy the slippery coolness of the yamakake.  It's a really good hangover cure as well.  For hot soba, I like the duck soba; flavorful duck in the warm clear broth with scallions.  It's a casual place, with lots of families with young kids and drunk older men at the sushi bar, and relatively reasonably priced.
Beef tataki: beef carpaccio lightly peppered and seared on the outside with a nice citrus / ponzu marinade
Chicken meatballs.  Nanbankan is better, more delicate cold Kirin...
Mushroom cold soba.  Not a huge fan of the mushrooms; they didn't have much flavor and were difficult too eat, too slippery
Yamakake soba, my favorite
Blurry shrimp shumai, one of K's favorite food in the world, tasty with a little bit of mustard
Yabu Restaurant
11820 West Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 473-9757

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