Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jin Peng Lai: Traditional Upscale Taiwanese Fare in Taipei

Our first night in Taiwan, the Lees took us to Jin Peng Lai in the Tianmu area of Taipei.  The food was delicious and I tried many things which I never had before: authentic Taiwanese food in a rather fancy setting.
Raw clams with garlic

Bamboo shoots which I loved: substantive with a good bite; you just can't get fresh bamboo in the US
Deep fried spare ribs; so airily crisp and flavorful
Drunken chicken

Fried noodles and ximian (thin noodles) cooked in chicken oil
Hot aged xiaoshing wine (yellow wine) with dried suanmei (sour plums); really good, a little like port
Chicken testicles and kidneys in rice wine and sesame oil. NFT.

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