Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mitsui Review: Favorite Sushi in Taipei

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After many days of rather oily and rich food in China, I was
in the mood for something light and fresh so we went to Mitsui (San
jing), one of my favorite spots that we ate at last year. It was also nice to have some cold sake after all that Chinese beer. The sushi is
really good and the whole atmosphere is modern and fun; reminds me a bit of En
Japanese Brasserie in NYC.
At 9:30pm every night, the waiters line up, they turn down the lights and lower the curtains, and bow
Mirugai and seaweed salad
Broiled sea bream

Seared tuna with herbed dipping sauce; one of my favorites
Crab handroll
Red bean dessert

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