Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shanghai Expo - China Pavilion

Day 2 of the world expo, we hit up the Asia and Middle Eastern
pavilions. Out of the ones that we visited, Taiwan was probably my
favorite. Overall, I think the Spain is my favorite (although we
didn't visit many of the popular ones with 3 hour + lines, such as
Saudi Arabia and Japan).


  1. you gotta goto the axis of evil while you're there. i bet the lines are short.

    you truly have to experience how ghetto n.korea and iran are through their pavilions. esp check out the ghetto flea market upstairs in the iran pavilion.

    also, did you check out the zhejiang province in the chinese pavilion? its my grandparents hometown. they have a really cool water show in that one. if you didn't, that's ok, i took a video if it, although its better in person.

  2. The carpeted paintings were pretty funny. We planned to meet my cousins at the Korea pavilion and after five minutes, realized that we were at North Korea and they were at South Korea, oops! Never made it into the China pavilion; the day we had a reservation we decided to go later. We didn't go into any pavilions which required more than a half hour wait. Mostly just walked around and looked at the architecture. I'll be posting more pics later.



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