Saturday, October 2, 2010

EAT, Pray, Love: The Movie

Last night, my mom and I went to see Eat, Pray, Love.  Both of us have read the book, so we were excited to see the movie in the theaters.  I think because we had already read the books, we enjoyed the movie more than others, since we knew more of the backstories that weren't shown in the films.  It's always challenging adapting a book into a two hour movie, particularly this book, with its three distinctive parts in Rome, India and Bali.  It's just hard to fully flesh out each section with all the characters and experiences.  I could see how people who haven't read the book would have difficulty getting into the movie, but I got into it and enjoyed actually seeing the lovely places and cultures from the book.  The book has also gotten mixed reviews, but I quite liked it.  Not so much the main character, the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, but more the adventures and experiences in the three very different places.  At times, like many others, I found the main character melodramatic, selfish and co-dependent, but for me, the book wasn't really about her personal journey of self-discovery, as it was exactly that, personal and something I didn't really relate to, but more about the wonderful places she went and the interesting people she met.  In fact, it was reading the book that inspired my trip to Rome a few months later and my trip to Bali a year later.  Rome and Bali are now two of my favorite places in the world, Bali being my favorite place in the world.  I went to Rome to eat (and see some historical sites along the way) and it did not disappoint.  I had some of the most memorable meals in my life in Rome, plus I found it quite reasonably priced.  Bali is my favorite place and I've been there twice in two years and am trying to convince K. to go again with me next month.  I love everything about it, the beauty, the spirituality, the tranquility, the people and also the delicious food.

Rome Colosseum
Rome Spanish Steps
The Vatican

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